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Yes, you will get caught if you don’t use encryption tool like torrent VPN. Downloading torrent files exposes your IP with connected peers and your ISP can monitor your torrenting habit. Just tracking specific ports that are widely used for torrents, Your ISP can catch you.

The final version of the proposed “three strikes” anti-piracy code for Australian internet service providers (ISPs) has been published recently. Under the Copyright Notice Scheme code (PDF), residential Internet users that are found pirating content will be subject to a series of “escalating” warning notices from rights holders, sent via ISPs. The notices will warn users that they are infringing copyright, and that they will face legal action if they get three strikes recorded against their IP address — that is, if they receive an Education, Warning and Final notice — within a 12 month period. If a user gets three warning letters, or “strikes”, in a 12-month period, ISPs will help copyright owners identify them for potential legal action after a hearing in a prescribed court. Up to 200,000 notices can be processed and sent each year. An industry code has to be in place by September 1

Over the past few months, thousands of Canadians have received ‘Piracy Notices’ in their mailbox asking for cash settlements. The new law aims to reduce piracy in Canada, but it seems Canadians are not ready to give up on their habits. After paying no attention to hundreds of notices from anti-piracy group named Rightscorp, the users are now sued over sharing the 20+ year-old music albums.

French government agencies sent out over 5 million warnings to alleged pirates. 169 Internet users were referred to the public prosecutor in the first half of 2015, which is 4 times for than in the same period last year

Such regimes are used in many countries and are commonly known as “three-strikes”. However, they are promoted as educational in nature, because suspected pirates just receive notifications of breach, which are meant to discourage further infringing behavior.

To prevent their IP-addresses from being visible to the rest of the Internet, millions of people have signed up to a VPN service. Using a VPN allows users to use the Internet anonymously and prevent your ISP from tracking your online activity. The best VPN services don’t log any traffic nor session data of any kind. Besides, 100% anonymous VPN should accept payments via anonymous payment methods like Bitcoin.

The Media Companies Sees What You’re Downloading (and Will Tell Your ISP)


The real problem, if you’re downloading illegal media, is the company from whom you’re stealing. They (or lawyers or companies on their behalf) actually go online and seek out torrents of their material, whether it be movies, music, TV shows, or anything else, and will download the torrent themselves. From there, they can see a lot of information about the other users connected—including their IP address. You can even check this for yourself at home. Start downloading a torrent and click on the “More Info” section of your torrent client. You’ll see the IP address of everyone you’re downloading from and uploading to, plain as day.

Once they find your IP address (which they can do just by clicking “more info” in their torrent client), they’ll find out who your ISP is and send them a letter. Your ISP then, in turn, will forward you a notice that you’ve been caught pirating media. Usually the first offense is just a proverbial slap on the wrist, though if you’re a repeat offender it could mean having your internet service terminated. If you’re very unlucky it could even mean paying a lot of money in a settlement.

What’s a ?

It’s a tool that hides your IP address and your identity, it encrypts traffic and has no logging, so, your IP address will never be revealed and you will be 100% anonymous while torrenting. Government or your ISP can’t track your activity. With a VPN, you are free to download any files you need without any risk.


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